about Repair Cafe Summit.

The Repair Café idea was born in Amsterdam in 2009 and was brought to Summit by volunteer organizer Courtney Cordaro in 2018. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and success inspired others to launch Repair Cafe events in their communities all over New Jersey. If you are interested in bringing Repair Cafe to your community, Courtney would be happy to point you in the right direction.  Reach out through our contact form. You can also check out the Repair Cafe Foundation, where it all began, for resources, guidelines, and all the details.

Our Mission
    •    To transform our throw-away economy, one beloved item at a time
    •    To reduce how much stuff goes into the waste stream
    •    To preserve traditional repair know-how and skills, and pass them on
    •    To show the people who have this knowledge that they are valued
    •    To feed our curiosity about "the way things work", provide scientific diversion & have fun!
    •    To foster community, sustainability, and resilience

Our repair events are twice a year,  during March and September with varying repair categories.  If you would like to volunteer at a Repair Cafe Summit Event, or just want to find out more about the activities at these events, reach out.