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December 2018 Green Brief

Summit's geological history, sea change and real estate in NJ, how to respond to climate change (according to 13 federal agencies), and the "insect apocalypse".

November 2018 Green Brief

Summit's Skip the Straw initiative, Volkswagen emissions funds, the increase in drilling on federal lands, and the EU's ban on single-use plastics.

October 2018 Green Brief

Summit's Trex Bags to Benches programs, the new/revised NJ plastics restriction bill, Trump administration's environmental impact statement, and petrochemical company emissions.

August 2018 Green Brief

Where does my trash go?, Essex County's energy aggregation, bacterial and algal blooms.

July 2018 Green Brief

New Jersey plastics restriction bill, Starbucks's no-straws goal, and the global shortage of sand.

June 2018 Green Brief

Resilience planning, sunscreen, the changing recycling industry and The True Cost film.

May 2018 Green Brief

NJ offshore drilling, volcanic eruptions impact on climate, and Bitcoin emissions.

April 2018 Green Brief

Plogging, Earth Day, Quanta Superfund in Edgewater, all about Scott Pruitt, Earth Day Network campaign to end plastic pollution.

March 2018 Green Brief

Plastic bags facts, status of the plastic bag "tax" in NJ, toxic sites in flood zones, Day Zero in Cape Town's water crisis.

February 2018 Green Brief

How to recycle, the Impossible Burger, NJ nuclear subsidies, and Nigerian oil pirates.

January 2018 Green Brief

Top 10 Green Resolutions for 2018, "pop-up" land conservation, Recycle Coach, and Norway's fight against palm oil.

December 2017 Green Brief

Green holidays, offshore fish farms vs. wind power, Mayors climate agreement and Paris's sparkling fountains.

November 2017 Green Brief

New Jersey Ballot Question, Veganism, and Plastic Bags.

October 2017 Green Brief

Carbon footprints, EPA regulation tracking, climate denial in Russia.

September 2017 Green Brief

Water, stormwater and wastewater.

August 2017 Green Brief

Food waste and zero waste living.

July 2017 Green Brief

Food waste, microgrids and electric cars.

June 2017 Green Brief

"Drawdown", leaf blower and styrofoam bans, the Antarctic ice shelf.

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